Soy niña, soy importante is an initiative developed by Fundación Tropicalia in 2013, and supports at-risk girls in the Dominican Republic with a simple mission: protect their childhood, guide them in making timely life choices, and educate them and their community regarding their rights.

The contributions received by Fundación Tropicalia are used to carry out the Soy niña, soy importante initiative in all its forms: SNSI Camp, SNSI in a Box, Teen Empowerment, and Activism - directly impacting the lives of more than 350 at-risk girls in the municipality of Miches and hundreds of volunteers, while also promoting girls and women's rights in the Dominican Republic.

If your contribution applies for a matching contribution from your company, please indicate the company name in the comments box.

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In-kind Contributions

Every year we partner with others to increase the resources we bring to our girls.  Education materials, books, sports and art supplies; toys; underwear, t-shirts and sports shoes; hygiene products, including toothpaste and toothbrushes, hair care products, and menstrual products; food to supply the girls with snacks and lunches during our programming - we need it all and more. If you have a proposal, write to us and we’ll make the best use of your generous contributions.

Cash Contributions


Cash donations are accepted through transfers in Dominican pesos (DOP) or in US dollars (USD) to Fundación Tropicalia's bank accounts in the Dominican Republic.

Request your transaction receipt by writing to

Bank: Banco Popular Dominicano
Company: Fundación Tropicalia
RNC: 430-074209
DOP Checking Account: 774161848 
USD Savings Account: 780941332
Concept: Soy niña, soy importante


Donations made by credit card are processed by I'm a Girl, I'm Important, a 501c3, non-profit in the United States, and are tax exempt.