Fundación Tropicalia hosts “Soy Niña, Soy Importante” every July and August.

This program encourages young girls to dream big, and gives them the courage to make timely life decisions like staying in school and postponing pregnancy.

Each girl we serve in Miches has the potential to break her poverty cycle if given the opportunity. She needs your help to succeed. It costs US $200 to send one girl to camp.

Our goal is to host 300 girls in three one-week camp sessions. Please donate using the donation form below or contact us to volunteer time, materials and other support. Funds will be used to cover our girls' transportation and meals; the purchase of didactic materials; staff fees including a nurse, an assistant camp director, and specialized teachers; room and board for camp counselor volunteers; among other operational expenses.

If your contribution qualifies for a corporate match, please mention your employer's name in the comments box. All donations are tax deductible in the U.S. thanks to our fiscal sponsor, The Ocean Foundation.

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