Action Areas

Action Areas

The work we do in Miches, through Soy niña, soy importante has always been focused on protecting the childhood of girls and adolescents. We do this in several aspects, first by providing them with the  knowledge they need to understand their rights and map out a life project. Second, by strengthening local institutions responsible for protecting children, including those that are mandated to investigate cases of abuse and/or provide health and care services in the community. And third, by also educating and involving families, communities and local authorities in such a way that  we reduce cultural tolerance when a minor’s rights are violated.  

By working on all these aspects that impact a girl's life, we hope to create the space they need to become  the heroines of their own story, embracing their role in society as women and their decision-making power. Preventing unplanned pregnancies, early unions and school dropouts will help break the cycle of poverty, inequality, abuse and violence that surrounds them. It is about personal empowerment, but also about disrupting their social ecosystem, reducing exposure to risk, while increasing opportunities.


The Soy niña, soy importante summer camp started in 2013 and offers girls a fun and safe space  where they learn, explore and can simply be girls.

How does it work? Every July and August the summer camp travels to three different communities, taking place on public school campuses thanks to our partnership with  the Miches School District. 

Girls participate in recreational activities with transformational messages that invite them to trust, empower and explore their inner self. By the end of camp, girls have mapped out a life plan that encourages them to make age appropriate decisions, like staying in school and postponing pregnancy, marriage or early unions. 


  • Three (3) one-week camp sessions are organized each summer
  • More than 80 local and international volunteers, dedicate their time to the program.
  • 310 girls from Miches between 9 and 12 years of age participate.


  • Culture of peace
  • Education in values
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Artistic and creative expression
  • Nutrition and sports
  • Mapping my dreams
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Healthy self-esteem
  • Gender-based violence 
  • Children's rights and how to exercise them


SNSI in a Box emerged in 2020 in response to the social distancing measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This program packaged our summer camp content into a box delivered straight to our girls’ homes. The program was such a hit with our community, that it became an action area in its own right and is here to stay.  

How does it work? We take the transformational and engaging messaging of SNSI, and package it in fun, didactic activities that girls can explore from the comfort of home, involving the entire family. 

These thematic boxes contain guides, science experiments, arts & crafts,  snacks and surprises The girls and their families are introduced to the contents of the box, and encouraged to explore them together.


  • SNSI messaging and content is packaged into a box and delivered to our girls’ homes. 
  • Involves 9-12 year old girls. Encourages the participation of the entire family


  • Leadership
  • Self-esteem
  • Experiments
  • Crafts
  • Snacks
  • STEAM, sexual and reproductive health and hygiene focus


In partnership with other institutions, SNSI organizes workshops and personal development opportunities for teen girls in Miches, with objective  of delving deeper into reproductive health and family planning, while doubling down on the importance of staying in school and staying focused on goals and objectives for the future.  

This area of action also allows us to create a support and mentoring network to accompany girls in the most challenging years of adolescence.


  • An action area tailored toward adolescent girls.
  • We work on life projects through mentoring and guidance.
  • Focus on sexual and reproductive education and family planning.


Under the auspices of Activism, Fundacion Tropicalia takes-on two major lines of action: i) Develop and implement communications campaigns focused on community education, girls’ empowerment and igniting cultural shifts in order to reduce social tolerance for  gender violence and child abuse; ii) Exercise our civic duty as an NGO to strengthen local institutions and mechanisms that are responsible for protecting children from their aggressors. 

Our program Ambassadors play a huge role in this aspect of SNSI, as they use their media platforms to increase the presence of our messaging throughout the country.


  • We spread awareness surrounding women and girls rights in the Dominican Republic. 
  • We participate in civic organizations responsible for protecting children's rights in the local community.